Tackling the problem of food insecurity via the provision of flexible and innovative quality food solutions is increasingly relevant in the context of limited land resources and natural-climatic instability. TGCP has established a strategic partnership with Burlington Capital, one of the global leaders in the agricultural sector, and has formed the LEV Fund an investment platform that looks to generate an economic and social impact in the global agriculture sector.

The world is moving forward technologically, economically, and socially which also signifies that people across the globe value comfort and high-quality residential conditions. TGCP has formed a partnership with Burlington Capital, in particular Burlington Capital Income Trust. TGCP also cooperates with one of the largest Chinese-owned U.S. real estate investment & fund management companies Chenco Holdings’ SteelWave on a  $3+ billion Terminal 101 Life Science Project. TGCP partners with Gemini Rosemont, a fully integrated platform focusing on Class-A office buildings designed for a more agile workforce and the next generation of office workers who will demand highly advanced amenities for the workplace with best-in-class ESG credentials as well as the life science office sector where space remains in high demand. CTG Adelanto Partners is a project focused on real estate based in Adelanto, California. They are partnered with SteelWave and look to make a first-class logistics community near the heart of Southern California’s logistics capital, 90 minutes from Los Angeles.

The mining industry has public equity valuations at multi-year lows relative to commodity prices, which have remained strong, which means it is an ideal time for private equity in the resource space. Competition from other sources of capital is very low meaning liquidity needs for most investors are inconsistent with the funding needed for development-stage mining projects. TGCP forms a strategic partnership with TriGlobal Capital to be at the beginning of a strong super cycle of commodities which could last 20-30 years.

Game development and sports tech are rapidly developing and arguably one of the most innovative industries in tech today, with far-reaching positive spillovers on the culture, entertainment, technological advancements, and even greater investment value prospects. TGCP has partnered with the world’s leading experts in the field – Pangea Fund, GOAL Ventures, and Play Time Ventures.

Investor Services

Driving Returns Through an Integrated Management Platform

TriGlobal Capital Partners offers investors a full spectrum of expertise throughout the investment cycle. The consolidation of these services within one platform allows TriGlobal Capital Partners to capitalize on synergies and maximize value throughout the life cycle of its assets.

Integrated Platform Benefits

  • Ability to fully service the various needs of a diverse group
    of investors
  • Transmission of the in-depth local market and asset knowledge  between divisions
  • Utilization of expertise in regional departmental endeavors
  • Leveraging collective knowledge throughout the acquisition,  management, and disposition process
  • Streamlined and comprehensive reporting process
  • Access to a vast network of industry professionals
  • Seamless on-boarding process of new investments

Acquisitions, Due Diligence and Capital Markets Process

Strategically located in target markets, acquisitions officers keep a pulse on these key markets and source on-and off-market investment opportunities through TriGlobal Capital Partner’s extensive network of market contacts. Once a new investment is identified, acquisitions personnel coordinate directly with asset management, legal,  and due diligence departments to ensure seamless onboarding and integration into the portfolio.

Source deals from an extensive network of partners throughout the world.

Partner network consists of experienced innovators,  operators, and developers across asset classes and markets.

A proprietary pipeline of investment opportunities developed through deep relationships.

Perform extensive due diligence on each investment in the pipeline.

The underwriting process includes an analysis of the project, market, and other third-party service providers.

Analyze the opportunity cost  of each deal concerning other investments, Including public market  investment opportunities.

Work with outside counsel to structure each joint venture with our investment partners.

Negotiate rights related to oversight of each project

We go through an extensive review process.

Each investment must be approved by the Board.

Provide ongoing asset management services:

  • Oversight
  • Reporting
  • Investor Relations
  • Compliance

Why Tech Supports Market Fundamentals

The technology sector is a primary driver of international economic growth. As such, it has become an important consideration in investment focus. The technology sector can provide strong returns for those seeking investments generating a steady stream of growth fueled by a pipeline of innovation. In the US  alone, high-tech industries are an essential part of its economy, providing about 12 percent of all jobs but producing almost 23 percent of output. The four largest companies in the U.S. by market capitalization were all technology companies exceeding 7.5 trillion dollars in market value as of April 30th, 2023